These articles are a way for me to highlight and learn from my sales experiences, while also providing a glimpse into my personality, selling style, and thoughts on B2B sales.

Why You Need a System to be Successful in Sales

Habit tracking through Pillars has allowed me to accomplish things I’ve been talking about doing for too long. One of the other real benefits is that it has allowed me to be present and actually enjoy what I’m working on at that moment.

Why I Started the Blog

As a sales and marketing person, my job is to tell a compelling story to engage existing and prospective clients and have them want to work with and buy from me. I have been going about this for years in the traditional sense by knocking on doors, making cold calls, attending industry meetings and networking.…

How I Became a Writer

How many times have you created a goal and never achieved it? We’ve all done it. Most of us set new goals every January and by March we know that we’re not going to achieve them. In January I set a goal to start writing a blog. My goal for the blog was to help…

I Needed a New Plan

My writing habits were improving but I wasn’t writing enough. Potential blog posts were being worked on but not completed. I’d schedule time to write but when the time came I’d usually just focus on other things for my job.  These other things kept me busy but deep down I knew they didn’t have the long…

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