Utilizing my writings to be a better sales professional and uncover new opportunities.

Listen. Process. Apply. These three words represent how I approach my work, writing, and the development of this website and everything that will come with it.

Listen – This is something that many of us need to do more —especially during a call or meeting. Too often we are ready to rush in with a solution that may not even fix the problem. 

This entire website is also a tool that teaches me to listen to myself and discover the areas where I could use improvement. 

The image of the record player is also meant to show my interest in and passion for music. Look for me to incorporate music in some of my posts.

Process – If you’ve been actively listening, afterwards is when you should take the time to reflect on the conversation and see if you do have the right tools to help solve a problem. This can save everyone a lot of valuable time. 

There will be posts to show the steps I’m taking to improve in areas, share some helpful insights, and recount the experiences I’ve encountered.

I used my own logo here to show how this site and life are an ongoing process that continually need updating.

Apply – If you’ve decided that you have the right solution then it is time move forward. You may find that you still need some other tools but that is just part of journey.

Some posts will demonstrate how I’m achieving certain tasks and show some of the tools I needed to help me succeed.

The bike logo depicts the energy and effort it takes to move forward. Biking is something I love to do for myself, with my family and friends. Biking provides me with many different experiences and a freedom to go the distance.